Must be sent with Application


Three photographs of your work are required and must accompany your application. One photograph showing your full display is preferred. Arts and Crafts will be judged on quality, uniqueness and originality. I will also be looking for a variety of crafts and fine arts with as little duplication between exhibitors as possible.

Deadline: Until filled - First jury process begins Dec. 27th of the prior year. Entries will then continue to be accepted until all spaces are filled or until your category is filled. Checks may be postdated for two months before the show date.

Notification: We begin to jury the end of Dec. for the upcoming year. Applications received between Sept. and Dec. will be processed the end of Dec. and notification will be sent out shortly after that. Applications sent in after Jan. 1st will be processed within three weeks of receipt of your application.

Exhibitors not selected will have their checks returned. All decisions are final. Cancellation policy is stated on each application

After Acceptance to Craft Show

Additional Pictures

All venders exhibiting with Step By Step will be required to keep the following information at their booths.

1. Pictures of works in progress (this may take 3 or more photos - beginning stage, and then as the piece progresses)

2. Pictures of raw material (bulk fabric, unfinished wood, bulk floral pieces, gem stones...etc.)

3. Pictures of work area (I don’t care how messy it is... I just want to know you are doing your own work)


Work that is an exact copy from a wholesale company will NOT be accepted. For example, if you have copied a product from Tender Hearts I am going to assume it is their product and have it removed. The best thing to do is be creative! If you find an item that you think is adorable, change it and put your own creativity into it.

Also, crafts must be 70% hand-crafted by the individual selling the product. Immediate family members will be allowed to sell for the crafter if the product is made in the U.S.A. I will not accept hand-crafted products made in another country by family members. Adding a bow or glitter to an item will not be accepted.

No one but the staff of Step By Step will be allowed to ask to see your pictures. I realize many of you use special products and procedures that you wish to keep private. I will respect that. If you have any questions or concerns please call. There is more & more buy & sell products out on the market these days and I don’t want those items showing up in any of the craft shows. I want to continue the quality of the Step By Step Craft Shows and I respect the hard work and pride you as artists and crafters put into your work.
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